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A Taste of Things to Come #jamlaunch

The evening started with some warm-up participatory activities. "Destination Devo" invited people to share their thoughts on where devolution is heading.

Elsewhere it was a 'penny for your thoughts' - power to the people? or let the rulers rule? 

Some formal presentations followed as Beth Perry introduced the Jam and Justice project and set out how people could get involved. 

Carolyn Wilkins, Chief Executive of Oldham, was next up and spoke passionately of the vision of open sourced, diverse and distributed leadership for Greater Manchester from 'democratically astute' leaders.

Bringing asset based approaches to real situations, she said, and seeing people as capacity builders not problems, was necessary to change relationships with citizens and decision-makers.

The Jam and Justice team introduced themselves and their role in the project, with Liz Richardson giving the biggest laughs of the evening as she set out her quest to prove that co-production is not just a 'policy unicorn'.

Food and discussion followed, with people given the opportunity to play Giant Jenga variables, participate in mapping group activity in Greater Manchester or share their advice for achieving impact with the project. 

Nicola Headlam from ESRC Urban Transformations wrapped up the evening with a quick overview of the broader context and programme that is funding Jam and Justice.

The slides and presentation are below if you weren't able to get along!

@JamandJustice jamandjustice@gmail.com


Jam and Justice Info Sheet [PDF, 137.47kb]
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