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Digital technologies have the potential to re-wire urban governance systems and processes. Platform is an online sustainability portal in Greater Manchester established as a means to understand the potential of digital transformations in effective, transparent and inclusive urban governance and the strengths and limitations of digital tools in supporting cultural shifts for more sustainable futures

Platform is an emerging infrastructure for greater openness and transparency in digital governance, harnessing digital technology and social media to share knowledge about sustainability.

It started as a collaboration between University of Salford and Creative Concern and has now developed partnerships with Manchester: A Certain Future, the Manchester Stakeholder Climate Change Partnership and with the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities’ Low Carbon Hub

There have been four main phases:

  • feasibility (2012)
  • design and launch (2013)
  • build-up (2014)
  • evaluation/forward planning (2015). 


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Short facts

Project title: Platform

Partners: University of Salford Manchester and Creative Concern

Project period: 2012-2015

Financier/s: University of Salford Manchester, Mistra Urban Futures, Creative Concern, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub



Project leads

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