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Comparing Urban Futures

Many cities and city-regions around the world grappling with the challenges of sustainable urban development and climate change, through developing governance structures, policy frameworks and engagement processes to bring partners together.

Whilst the GAPS project  compares these issues across Greater Manchester, Gothenburg, Kisumu and Cape Town, this project seeks to understand how cities across England are developing comparable approaches to the governance, policy and knowledge base for sustainable urban development.

Focussing on Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester and Greater Manchester, this project draws on desk-based research and interviews to consider the challenges and opportunities, tensions and pressures, in governing sustainable urban development in 21st century England. It reflects on the extent to which contemporary challenges since 2012 are bringing about convergence or divergence in approaches.


Short facts

Project title: Comparing Urban Futures

Partners: University of Salford Manchester

Funding: Mistra Urban Futures and University of Salford Manchester

Project period: 2013- 2015


Project leads



  • Beth Perry, Director GMLIP and SURF University of Salford, from March 2014, b.perry@salford.ac.uk
  • Mike Hodson, GMLIP and SURF University of Salford (to March 2014)

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