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Univer-city is a project designed to synthesise the experiences of building the Greater Manchester Local Interaction Platform (GMLIP) as a case study in how to develop work with different communities of knowledge and practice.

It provides a space for researchers and practitioners to reflect on the experiences of interactions at the ‘messy interface’ of university-city interactions and the implications for critically-engaged urban research practice.

‘Univer-city’ reflects on the relationship between institutions, academics and urban transformations and the value and process of the GMLIP in:


  1. Raising the visibility of alternative forms of sustainable urbanism
  2. Giving voice to those alternatives
  3. Contributing to the articulation of different values for city regional futures.


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Short facts

Project title: Univer-city

Partners: All GMLIP Partners

Project period: 2012-2015

Financier/s: University of Salford Manchester and Mistra Urban Futures
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